Toyota Highlander 2018 center console tray


Summary The tray inside the center console of our 2018 Toyota Highlander was a bit massive and prevented easy access to items underneath. No idea if this works on other year models, but assembled it is 217mm wide. Can work well as a single tray or print two and slide apart. My printer wasn't large enough to do it all in one go so spit the model a bit (200mmx200mm print bed). Print out 4 of the pins. Secure each wing piece with two pins, diagonal first and after sliding into place, secure with a pin straight in. The original tray has sticky felt pads on the sides to lessen vibration. They peel off easily and can be reused as shown. I used PETG mainly because I didn't have any black ABS. Print Settings Printer: Monoprice Maker Select v2.1 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .32 Infill: 40 Notes: Printed in petg (abs would be fine). PLA cannot take heat without deforming over time. Printer modded with all metal hotend which adds a bit to temp needed. Used 250 hotend, 75 bed, no fan. I wanted it to be strong so used 3 walls and 40% grid infill. Very pleased with the results.

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