IoT Smart Wallet (with Firebbetle ESP32 and Arduino IDE)


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If you invested some money in crypto coins, you probably already know that they are highly volatile. They change overnight and you never know now much 'real' money you still have in your wallet. The same is valid for stock markets. You put a little faith in a particular stock and, out of nowhere, the market thinks it's worthless the next day.

So how do you track these assets and know their current value? You can work with some spreadsheets and update them regularly. Or you can create your own gadget to check these values for you: an IoT wallet!

For this project, I worked on the Google spreadsheet to track my assets and update their values for a particular currency, based on the ticker values retrieved from the Internet. This spreadsheet is accessible from an ESP32 using and Wi-Fi connection, and a summary is shown on an OLED display. A 3D printer was used to create a wallet, in which I embedded some electronic components to create my first IoT wallet prototype.

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