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UPDATE: This set has been re-designed. I'll be keeping this old one up in case anyone prefers it, but the new set can be found here: https://pinshape.com/items/583-3d-printed-pocket-t...

Introducing Pocket-Tactics! 

A fast-paced, modular strategy board game that all fits in a tiny bag. Still not sure what we'll do with this little game, though I'd like to make it free to print and play to my fellow makers. My nerdsmen and I have been having a blast with it these last few days. If anyone ends up printing one of these let me know how it plays, I'd love to get some feedback. Reporting any typos/mistakes in the rules would be greatly appreciated as well. We'll be updating the progress of the game and provide expanded rules on our blog, so be sure and check us out there as well http://illgottengames.blogspot.com/ All of the pieces were designed using Tinkercad. http://illgottengames.blogspot.com/


Each piece was printed on my Makerbot Replicator at a .10 layer height with 10% infill. I printed them all one piece at a time, though you can feel free to try and print bricks of them. I had trouble doing so and it was probably due to my calibration. All in all, the set takes about 9 hours to print, give or take. So, for the core set as I've designed it, you'll need the following (and I've included the colors you should paint things, though this is only a suggestion): -3 Conscripts (tan) -2 Archers (tan) -2 Spearmen (tan) -2 Swordsmen (tan) -1 Shieldmaiden (tan) -1 Fire Mage (tan) -3 Beastfolk Stalkers (dark green) -2 Beastfolk Marauders (dark green) -2 Beastfolk Juggernauts (dark green) -2 Forest Witches (dark green) -1 Cursed Ranger (dark green) -1 Druid (dark green) -1 Caer (tan) -1 Druid's Circle (dark green) -2 Village Tiles (tan) -3 Water Tiles (blue) -4 Hills Tiles (light green) -4 Field Tiles (yellow) -7 Forest Tiles (dark green) You'll also need a grip of six-sided dice (6 for each player) and it helps immensely if half of them are a different color. The rules are in super-beta mode (just finished writing them last night) so expect typos and confusion, but throw me some feedback and I can answer questions/clean up the document as we go. -Big props to our tech editor, John Peden ([email protected]) for this new, squeaky clean rules sheet

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