Modular Owl Magnetic

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The project is made specifically to be composed at will, you can print the components of various colors, and customize the owl every day. The components are joined by magnets of 3 different sizes. In the back of the Owls, there are some magnets, which allow to be attached to any metal wall (eg fridge), they can also be used for stop carte postik. In the photos I published, the owl's crowns were made with Fluorescent thread, ideal for these occasions.

Overall dimensions: 156mm x h180mm


  • N° 2 = 16x2
  • N° 12 = 12x2
  • N° 8 = 4x2,5

Hole tolerance: +0.4mm

Design Files

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Occhio GG.stl
379 KB
Corona GP.stl
1.18 MB
Gufo Grande 10H.stl
647 KB
Becco GG.stl
215 KB
Becco GP.stl
395 KB
Corona GG.stl
1.56 MB
Gufo Grande.stl
655 KB
Gufo Piccolo.stl
840 KB
Occhio GP.stl
456 KB


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