Pro 3d - Spool Holder

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Proven and easy printable fully functional spool-holder! 

  • Prints without support
  • Works horizontal and hanging vertically 
  • 54, 53, 52 mm ID spools - If you need other dimensions just let me know an I will upload it asap

Needs 4x10 mm 3 or 4mm screws and nuts for assembly. Then 2 for the wall if you want to hang it

Design Files

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P3D FH Center Cup 52-22.stl
88.8 KB
P3D FH Center Cup 54-22.stl
88.4 KB
P3D FH Center Cup 53-22.stl
88.6 KB
P3D FH Connector Rail.stl
40.9 KB
P3D FH Left Leg.stl
30 KB
P3D FH Right Leg.stl
30 KB
P3D FH Axel 8mm.stl
1.06 KB


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