Mini Talon rear landing gear


Summary If you lost all your tail gear, you can cut rest of it and install this one. :) I had realy bored up with my tail problem. I tried all solutions but as I am flying long range with 11.900mah battery means very havy, and landing on stone earth or asphalt, all landings were result with a tail brake or worn out. So I cut the damaged part and designed a new tail. Screwed with two long screw and glued as well. It seems very strong now. At least a good view Print Settings Printer: Black Widow Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 200 Infill: 5-10 Notes: I made 0.4mm wall thickness and 0.9mm top and bottom thickness. Its light enough and strong. You can decide afterwards to add extra wall layer or not. But it looks enough to me.

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