International Harvester S Fuel Truck

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Summary The International Harvester S-Series is a medium and heavy-duty truck line that was manufactured by International Harvester. "S-Series" was first used as a label for the 1956 and 1957 Light Line trucks, until replaced by the A-series for 1958. The S-series label was reintroduced in mid-1977 as a replacement for the International Harvester Fleetstar. In 1979, other versions of the S-Series were introduced to succeed the Loadstar-series. Like the Loadstar, the S-Series were straight trucks commonly used for local delivery; the versions replacing the Fleetstar were semi-tractors or severe-service straight trucks. Additionally, the S-Series (and its replacement, the 3800) proved popular in the school bus industry. The S-Series was the last product line designed from the ground up by International Harvester themselves; it was produced in its original form until the end of the 1980s. Production of the second-generation S-Series ended in 2001. Instructions Printed at 0.2mm resolution with 10-20% Infill. Support free printing

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