Japanese Centerpiece Lanterns for Wedding

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These Japanese styled lanterns were designed as centerpieces & table numbers for a friend’s wedding. Battery powered fairy lights were placed in each lantern to illuminate them for the event. 16 centerpieces consisting of 96 individual parts were printed using 4 Ultimaker’s, all printing 24/7 for a full week! 

The lanterns print in four main parts:

  • Frame - Designed to print without supports, prints in 8.5 hours at 0.2 layer height, 15% infill, and 2 shells
  • Lid - Fills entire bed of UM2+, prints in 7 hours at 0.2 layer height, 15% infill, 2 shells
  • Insert - Use Spiralize (Vase) mode in Cura, print using natural PLA or a clear filament like T-Glase
  • Numbers (optional) - printed separately and then glued to the insert

To customize the windows in your own lantern, download the CAD assembly from [Fusion360 Gallery](https://gallery.autodesk.com/fusion360/projects/japanese-lantern-centerpieces-for-wedding) or [GrabCAD](https://grabcad.com/library/japanese-centerpiece-lanterns-for-wedding-1).

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