Jojo's All Star Collection: DIO

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As a conclusion of the Jojo's All Star Collection, I add this one, DIO, the most complex I've done before. These are all the references I included. Be careful: Spoilers ahead.

- The Star and the  spiked frame were both obtained from Jonathan's body: the Joestar's birthmark and a stand: The Passion, which allows him to see the future. (Read the novel entitled 'Jorge Joestar').

 - The "D" is an incomplete gear, representing his own Stand: The World and his power to stop time.

- The" I" is DIO's diary, where he wrote the steps to go to Heaven, and about his childhood memories. (Read the novel 'Over Heaven')

- The "O" is the Stone Mask which transformed him into a vampire, making him immortal. Note: This was particularly difficult to make with a software made for technical design.

The file has been scaled to double its previous size, instead of having to double it one self, and I added my own mark.

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