Easter Bunny Toy/Pot/Planter


A support free model. The front paws are at a 30-degree angle - please pay attention to cooling. Also, if scaling down, it's recommended to reduce the layer height.

There is something magical about 3D sculpting. Watching a sphere turning into a cute Easter Bunny Toy in ZBrush is fascinating. It looks great 3D printed in Fillamentum Wood or PLA.

NB! Wood filament is prone to stringing. And it is hard to put the settings right. Please try our "Ears" test file first before printing the full model. If there is excessive stringing, we would recommend not to print it in wood as missing layers may occur at the very end of the print.

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Design Files

File Size

Easter Bunny Ears Test File 3DWithUs.stl
8.84 MB
Easter Bunny Toy Pot Planter 3DWithUs.stl
55 MB


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