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Summary Idea was to hold up Christmas lights cabling on gutters outside house. put double sided tape on back and stick. obviously clean surface maybe with a solvent. Actually very happy with this quick design!... It works!! very functional. Ill add some pics of that done. I guess these can be used for anything. keep things tidy is the main goal ;-) oh disclaimer. lol (as if i need to).. i have not looked at thingiverse to see if there is identical one.....i just made it myself so....if u have a problem with my design....go get a life and f o!!! Print Settings Printer: Anycubic i3 MEGA Rafts: No Supports: Yes Notes: I recommend .2 or more! Post-Printing The only pain is taking out the supports. While not a big deal...it still has to be done. How I Designed This used fusion360

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