Cable Tunnel USB & SD Card Holder


This is a small USB, SD Card and Micro SD Card holder with a small difference: it has a small tunnel where you can pass by the cable of your keyboard.

Now you can have both your cards and USB close to your keyboard without compromise any space.

  • Version 1 / white / Card Holder.stl:
    • It contains SD Cards, Micro SD Cards and then USB.
    • The SD Cards hide the Micro SD Cards (fixed in Version 2)
  • Version 2 / blue / Card Holder v2.stl:
    • It contains Micro SD Cards, SD Cards and then USBs.
    • This model is more convenience because the Micro SD Cards were hidden by the normal size in the previous version.

Design Files

File Size

Card Holder v2.stl
660 KB
Card Holder.stl
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