sled and reindeer and gifts for christmas

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Summary I realized for a Christmas decoration that I put on top of my chimney (glued with double-sided or paste to fixed) a sled with gifts inside and reindeer pulling the hitch . the sled is 15 cm wide, 8.3 cm long and 8 mm thick the reindeer is 13 cm wide 15 cm long and 5 mm thick the bow of the gifts measures 2 cm by 2 cm 4 mm thick the gifts without the knot measure 3.3 cm by 3.5 cm by 4 mm thick I added the city below the sledge length 19 cm by 12 cm wide and 2 cm thick (on the picture I put three) I wish you a beautiful Christmas decoration and all my wishes of happiness, joy, gifts during these holidays 3D PRINTING PARAMETERS filling rate 30% 80% printing speed pla 215 ° (on the photo pla natural) thicknesses above 0.2 layer thickness 0.2 shell thickness 0.8 no support printing time for a reindeer 1 h 3 min printing time for the sled 1 h 22 min printing time for the bow of the gifts 4 min printing time for gifts without the knot 8 min printing time for the city 1 h

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