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Summary key ring 2018 the new year approaching I realized for you two key rings 2018 make good use and bring you joy, prosperity, health, creativity, happiness, money and peace in the world for this year and do not forget to always have some madness the key ring 2018 measures 6 cm in length 3.4 cm in width and 3 mm in depth the key ring 2018 rhombus measures 5.3 cm long 3.3 cm wide and 2.5 mm deep filling rate 100% print speed 20% pla 215 ° (on the photo pla natural) thicknesses above 0.2 layer thicknesses 0.1 shell thickness 0.8 no support printing time for the key ring 2018 1h printing time for the key ring 2018 rhombus 56 min

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