Kossel mini effector assembly with the hotend (e3dv6) nozzle act


Summary It's not overly original design, I have marked it as a derivative of many designs I have seen, none of them was exactly what I wanted. Technically, I had to design everything from scratch, as none of the designs were done in the CAD I could possibly use (which is nearly none, because I seem to be unable to handle mouse-driven software). So I integrated all the ideas I've seen to end up with the effector that has a probe, uses hotend nozzle for this purpose, actually fits e3dv6 hotend and has a cooling duct that I like. Most parts are printed in PLA, fanduct in PETG (in reality I also printed some fan holder links in PETG, because at some point I had to print them without cooling and PLA doesn't take that lightly). To build the thing you will need a 50x15 blower fan, a microswitch, a bunch of M3 screws and nuts of I don't remember what lengths and a couple of smaller screws (2mm?) for microswitch. This is bed leveling in action: https://youtu.be/Ywp_qdY8-IA Print Settings Printer Brand: RepRap Printer: Kossel Mini Rafts: No Notes: I'm not particular about print settings, you know your printer better. The cooling duct part needs a support touching buildplate. If you try to support it everywhere the air probably won't get through ;-) Sadly you can't print that with no support at all (something to work on for me). The rest doesn't need supports.

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