delta (kossel mini) vertex for 2020 extrusion with motor shaft s


Summary When at some point my delta vertices got distorted thanks to the heated bed, time and belt tension I thought it's time to design new ones and address the issues I observe. Namely, 1. the thing bending so that motor shafts look a bit upwards, due to belt tension (added a bearing to support the shaft on the other end), 2. somewhat ugly way to to tension belts that distorts geometry a bit, 3. aesthetics of the circular corners (a matter of taste and the .scad files provided still have an option to produce circular corners). The tensioner uses M4 screw 30cm long, and the motor shaft is supported by bearing with 16mm outer diameter, 5mm inner diameter (unsurprisingly), 5mm thick, which is, I believe 625. The up to date .scad files are available in the repository at They allow for quite some customizations if one needs to customize. I'm using these vertices for about a year, but only now found some time to upload…

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