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Summary Inspired by Optimus Prime Marvin by Soundwave12345 at this is a modified 3D Hubs Marvin from It is supposed to be my attempt at creating a Transformers Galvatron style Marvin. I printed him without supports, but then had to remove a few strings from his chin, otherwise the rest of it printed well. He’d make a nice key chain bobble or Christmas ornament. I printed him with: .2 mm layer height 25% Infill Raft PLA 220 degrees Thanks for checking this out. Print Settings Printer: Monoprice Mini Rafts: Yes Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 mm Infill: 25% Notes: If you have a program that will allow you to set specific supports or you want to play with the FreeCAD file you can add them under the chin. Otherwise there may be 3 layers that kind of droop onto the raft and will need clean up later.

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