TS5823L VTX mount for Q450 DJI Flamewheel

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Summary Mount to solidly affix a TS5823L FPV video transmitter to the rear deck of a Hobbyking Q450 DJI Flamewheel clone frame with integrated power distribution board. It's designed to place the VTX heatsink directly against the PCB frame of the flamewheel, which should help with heat dissipation. Includes holes on top (extra large to allow for VTX assembly tolerances) to adjust and see your VTX frequency. The M3 hole spacing is 34mm. Use 2x M3x14mm socket head cap screws, washers and locknuts to bolt it down. This is designed to easily print without supports. Rotate so the "top" of the part is flat on your build platform. I included the Solidworks .PRT file for your remixing pleasure.

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