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I became interested in 3D Vase designs when I saw how nice 3D printers can print in "Corkscrew" mode but I wasn't happy with the design selection. Like I had seen everything over and over again so I tried to make something new. I ended up making several! I figure that for those of us that love to exhibit the potential of the 3D printer this might help out. I'm selling these for a small fee just to help pay for the 3D printing habit. Thanks to anyone that contributes to furthering my 3D arts. I'll continue to develop interesting things for 3D printing!

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Design 1.obj
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Design 2.obj
8.74 MB
Design 3.obj
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Design 4.obj
4.62 MB
Design 5.obj
4.71 MB
Design 6.obj
17.5 MB
Design 7.obj
11.7 MB
Design 8.obj
2.85 MB
Design 9.obj
10.9 MB
Design 10.obj
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