FlexiStruder - GARIX version for Mk7 drive gear


Summary After trying many extruders i always end up coming back to the Flexistruder for reliability, quick filament change and simple design. Recently i started to get some under extrusion. I noticed that my spring was never really straight and im sure some pressure was being lost, since i seem to have plenty torque on the drive gear, it just wouldn't bite well on certain filaments and would slip. So, i decided to fix the issue with the spring not being straight with a new lever. I redid the lever to align the spring with the body and keep spring tension straight. I also made it fit locally available springs like Menards (PN#88250). It also compresses the spring more for extra tension. I also added a top to the design, which helps keep the lever/bearing straight against the drive gear with the added tension using M3x25mm screws. Included is a regular and reversed version. For further details, setup etc, see the original thing. Hope this is helpful for some. Print Settings Printer: HyperCube Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.20 Infill: 100% Notes: Printed on Proto Pasta Carbon Fiber Filament with 0.6mm Nozzle at 100% infill.

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