Roomba Cliff Sensor Cover


A quick idea, or concept if you will, for a solution to the anxious Roombas out there. This thing is meant to cover the sensors that keep your robot from falling down the stairs or from falling from balconies. The only problem with these sensors are their tendency to confuse dark carpets or rugs with endless voids. Resulting in the carpets being left un-vacuumed. 

Remix this! For flexible filaments, for better fit or for other models of robots. Make it pretty or tough as h*ll! The model is unfortunately a mess at this state, it was modeled on the fly or while falling asleep. There has been a number of prototypes made, seven to be more precise, so we know it will print. We sliced with Cura, and you might get different results with other slicers (with the model being what it is and all). But you know, please remix this. We will continue to work on this when we find the time. We fixed our iRobot Roomba 880 for now, but there are some tweaking and cleaning up to do in the model. In the future we want a snap fit, and a smooth underside at least. We recommend shiny, bright filaments which reflect the rays from the sensor we are trying to cover. We used white PLA and it worked very well. The model will probably need some support while printing. Sand and cut if needed.

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