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My brother wanted a ruined castle so here is the result. this was printed at 50% scale, but if you see the picture of the turrets the white one is full size which is approx HO 1/76 scale . printed on an UpPlus2 at .20 and 20% infill, each part took between 30 and 50 minutes. the full size turret printed at .2 took 3 hours. This can be scaled to your size and you can print the whole design (just glue together) or choose the parts you want.

Design Files

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Right Turret.stl
1.37 MB
Rear Wall.stl
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Rear Block.stl
690 KB
Left Wall.stl
186 KB
Front wall.stl
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Left Turret.stl
1.97 MB
523 KB


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