MSU Vs. UofM Chess pieces

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Time for a good old college football rivalry! Challenge your friends from opposing teams to settle your differences in a game of intellect to declare a winning team!

Design Files

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Spartian Bishop.stl
776 KB
Spartian King.stl
358 KB
Spartian Knight.stl
537 KB
Spartian Pawn.stl
396 KB
Spartian Queen.stl
391 KB
Spartian Rook.stl
702 KB
UofM Bishop.stl
702 KB
UofM King.stl
215 KB
UofM knight.stl
376 KB
UofM Pawn.stl
315 KB
UofM Queen.stl
313 KB
UofM Rook.stl
629 KB


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