Xmas Tree with RGB Led's


Summary Xmas Tree I know its bit early for Xmas but is it really though ;) things required for the whole build. I'll share the list of items and the aliexpress links. Tree - Has to be printed in vase mode ( Spiral printing ) with no bottom Layer. Inside 1/2 - they will create the stand inside so will need some superglue work there. the built is all solder and programming free so everyone can make and enjoy it. few things required to complete the project. Copper Tape - (https://goo.gl/rBbn3K) RGB slow colour changing leds - (https://goo.gl/4o5koe) 9V battery - ( £ shop) Battery cover or Cable connector - (https://goo.gl/UD5cvM) if you look closely the tree inside image will give you the rough idea. will upload the video link when uploaded. https://youtu.be/2aP6Ma8JYQA Check out the video here ( https://www.facebook.com/3dFilaprint ) Print Settings Printer Brand: Deltaprintr Printer: Deltaprintr Kit Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Notes: We used the "Mini Kossel" to print the tree. settings we used were as below. Filament = PLA Xmas green reprapper tech ( Alternative pick from Fillamentum colours) Vase Mode or single layer spiral mode NO bottom Layers Layer resolution depends on you guys this was a quick test print to see if it works and used 0.3mm layer height on 0.8mm nozzle. the inside parts were printed normally. Post-Printing Assembling the inner part. Glue the open edges to the sides of the inside 1 part. use the copper tape to stick to the sides of all panel connect the inside panels with copper tape. you will have 4 sides now connect it in a fashion that if one side is positive the opposite will be negative. ( see the image.) then connect the battery wire connector with negative and positive panels. This point we will attach the battery and test the positive and negative of leds. and with copper tape secure them in place. and put the tree on top of them all done ;) have fun building the project if need any help feel free to drop a comment.

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