Arrow rest for traditional bow (tab style)


Summary This is a simple tab-style arrow rest made for traditional bows. When fixed on a side of bow handle the small gap between the rest and bow would allow the arrow fletching to pass through safely, so then you can shoot modern arrows which has plastic/rubber fletchings and stop worrying about fletchings cutting your hand. To use it, simply print it out of PLA, hold the arrow resting tab and soak the fatter & flatter part into boiling water til soft (should just take a few seconds), then press it against your bow handle while its still soft to make it a perfect fit (wear gloves!), then fix it in position by wrapping with jute/paracord/tape/whatever you prefer. Feel free to use the Blender file. The bow featuring in the photos is a snakey curved centershot bow I made from PVC pipe, folloing Backyardbowyer's video tutorials:

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