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Candy Pumpkin

see the YouTube to assemble it

This design is designed for the Tinkercad contest on myminifactory

prints are with support and infill 20 / 30%

all the files are positioned to be printed

print as shown is printed on a opiliones delta printer nozzle 1mm layer height ,8mm

For a smother print use .4mm nozzle layerheight ,2

enjoy printing

Design Files

File Size

pumpkin 1.stl
1.14 MB
pumpkin 2.stl
132 KB
pumpkin 3.stl
253 KB
pumpkin 4 left.stl
129 KB
pumpkin 4 richt.stl
129 KB
pumpkin 5.stl
84 KB
pumpkin 6 2x print.stl
56.2 KB
pumpkin 7.stl
105 KB
pumpkin 8.stl
89.7 KB
pumpkin 9.stl
37.6 KB
pumpkin 10.stl
70 KB
pumpkin 11.stl
439 KB


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