Destiny 2 Rat King

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here it is chosen by you guys the RAT KING one of the most epic weapons from destiny 2 and one of there more creative designs I just could not wait to make it :) the modeling was probably one of the more easier designs believe it or not :P the models was very detailed but the shape was quite simple allowing me not to have as many cuts as in some of my other models. it did get a bit tricky though as at one point the top slide alone had over 2 million vertices which was fun to work with haha :)


thanks to you guys for the support and sending me some epic photos of the official prop I have made some changes to the model to better resemble that prop these are the V4 and V6 parts and the extended mag hope you guys like the changes :)


just a tip be very careful when glueing in the trigger plate in place make sure not to get the glue on the trigger as it will stop the trigger working :)

to build the model you are going to need some springs, these are used for the trigger and magazine release button function and will need to glued in place as shown, here is a link to the springs I used

want to see what Im working on next? have a look at my facebook page :P

if you like this awesomeness and want to support the creation of more awesomeness check out my Patreon :P

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trigger plate v6.stl
4.18 KB
handel part 2 v6.stl
8.54 MB
trigger v6.stl
86.2 KB
handel part 1 v6.stl
4.04 MB
extended mag part 2.stl
9.93 MB
extended mag part 1.stl
1.91 MB
mag v4.stl
2.12 MB
mag button part 1 v3.stl
12.2 KB
mag button part 2 v3.stl
41.5 KB
mag button part 3 v3.stl
31.1 KB
PIN v3.stl
9.26 KB
under barrel v3.stl
18.4 MB
barrel v3.stl
82.7 KB
top slide v3.stl
29.4 MB


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