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Summary I recently made some repair parts for my wife's crafting tote box, the original plastic parts had completely snapped. By the time I had finished repairing it, I almost had enough parts designed to make parts to convert a small bag or box into a wheelie tote box. So I made the rest of the parts needed to do this. It could also be fitted to a toolbox etc to make it a wheelie toolbox. The exact positioning of the parts is up to you. Updated wheel to from solid to version to 5 spoked wheel If you make a bag into a tote box it will need a plywood insert inside the bottom of the bag. Or a box will need to be rigid enough to take the base support and stand parts. The tubing for the handles was 16mm steel tubing, 76cm long or 30 inch seems about right If you would like me to add parts for different size tubing, let me know and I'll see what I can do. . The main parts should assemble using 6mm or 1/4 inch bolts. The wheels can be fitted using 6mm or 1/4 inch bolts with locknuts. The tubing can be secured using 3mm bolts or thin screws using the holes in the handle and base. Printing in PLA or ABS etc should be fine. The base part should be printed in the supplied orientation, with supports. No supports required for anything else. Raft or brim not required unless you really need them. The wheels can have a thin rubber tyre (tire) added to them after printing, by simply wrapping a layer or two of self amalgamating tape around them, but don't wrap the tape over the sides or the wheels won't fit or may bind. This was a quick project so please forgive me if I'm unclear or have missed anything, just let me know.

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