Trellis Box 32-button enclosure (BLAT)


Realtalk: I hate printing boxes. I mean, unless you need something super-specific size-wise or you need something with a lot of ins and outs for wires and bolts, there's far better options out there. Even in the case of ins and outs, here's makercase a browser-based CAD program for laser-cutting.

That said, if you do need an enclosure and 3D printing is somehow your only option, my advice is don't half-heart it. Bear in mind, I'm not bashing the brothers Ruiz or anyone at Adafruit; they do awesome work, and I'm not just saying that because I used their trellis enclosure as the template for mine. My issue with their design, however, is it's too lightweight, and too fragile unless you're using very tough material at a very fine layer height. In a factory setting, it's a fragile little buttercup. I need something that can take a beating. It won't survive a two-story fall, but may weather a minor desk-related flooring. 

Four words:

Built  Like A Tank

Design Files

File Size

Trellis 32 battlebones.stl
26.1 KB
Trellis 32 bottom.stl
202 KB
Trellis 32 3piece.stl
209 KB
Trellis 32 box.stl
210 KB
Trellis 32 top.stl
365 KB


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