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Summary IMHO, this grinder works amazingly well. Put peppercorns in the bottle and snap the cap into place. Tightly hold the bottom ring in one hand and crank the bottle clockwise ... fresh ground pepper.

Please read the Post-Printing section below.

Here are some standard 3D printing and food safety things to take note of ...

I would recommend a food safe plastic. PLA is generally regarded as food safe, but I have heard that some PLA filaments have some issues. Please check. ABS is NOT food safe. I have printed PLA and ABS versions of the grinder, and both grind well. Permeability is a problem. I rinsed one of the prototypes in water and water got inside the print volume. Even after blow drying it, water was still present and caused pepper dust to stick to the parts. Not sanitary. PLA is not dishwasher safe.

Even if you keep it dry, all the little bumps and creases are likely nice places for bacteria to grow. So think about how you can deal with that. Perhaps acetone vapor will seal it up, I have not tried that yet.

I have ground a lot of pepper with my prototypes, this design was iteration number 19. After all that pepper grinding I haven't seen any significant damage to the parts. I am going to print a version in red PLA so that I can more easily see if little plastic bits are getting mixed into all that yummy pepper. Haven't seen any so far.

I will be using this over time to see how things hold up. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

The design is currently not adjustable. I will add adjustability in a future design if everything else works out well. If you print the current design at 80% you will get a finer grind.

Print Settings Printer Brand: FlashForge Creator Pro 

Notes: May want to over extrude in order to fill air gaps. I have designed this to not require supports or a raft.

Post-Printing In case of a tight fit The fit may be tight at first. I consider that a good thing. There is an annular ring that has to be pushed into place and the fit could be tight. Once you push the cap all the way in, the part moves freely to allow the grinder to operate. When you take it apart, pull both ends and twist a little. Repeat about half a dozen times to ease it up a bit. Push it straight in and pull it straight out, any slight angle will make things worse.

If it gets stuck, a half a drop of vegetable\olive oil will ease the fit. Once you have it taken apart, gently sand the annular ring on the outside of the bottle evenly, all the way around. Clean off any remaining oil. May want to consider solvent polishing to seal the surface.

How I Designed This Drawn from scratch in Blender 3D. Borrowed many ideas from other plastic pepper grinders.

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