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Summary As a FYI There is a License agreement with this Download and If you do download these STL file you are agreeing to the license. Final revision 2/26/16 This Spaceship is Done and I added a moon/Asteroid to finish the look. Also if you down loaded this before the 2/26/16 date you should re-download. I added a color picture of the colored 3D print and made a second stand called spaceship stand 2. Have fun plz comment I would like to see if anyone had a positive print experience.. I revised (as of 2/16/16) the spaceship theirs a top, bottom and window now. I'm printing it in a different color and will up load them when its done. Sorry for the crappy print in the pictures. Created this Spaceship (UFO) from an object that I be-leaved I saw when I was younger back in the late 70's. (don't judge me I'm not crazy) I had a great idea and decided to recreate it and 3D print it. So here it is :) . In the future I'll break it down more so it will be more toy like. Any Problems let me know, enjoy Print Settings Printer: Prusa i3 2020 Supports: Yes Resolution: .02 mm Infill: 10% Notes: The model should print 70 mm diameter How I Designed This I use Lightwave 3D version 9 and created it using Sub-D mode.

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