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Summary As great as my HIVE - Stackable Hex Drawers are, they don't hold a whole lot in the drawers and the complex printing movements add a lot of time. I tried to fix this with my Modular Drawers. But these modules did not interlock. This is the interlocking version of my Modular Drawers 1.0 Modular Drawers 2.0 offers a sleek design free of complex print movements, decreasing print time while increasing storage volume. The dimensions are: 85 mm x 85 mm x 100 mm providing more than enough space to hold screws, capacitors, and other common small components. The pictures are renders but tolerances have been accounted for. The rails and slots were test printed. Here is the Ferrofluid Vase from the renders More Modular Drawer Systems The HIVE - Stackable Hex Drawers (Interlocking) Modular Drawers 1.0 (Stackable) Modular Hex Drawers (Stackable) Economical Drawers (Not modular) Find me on: Print Settings Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 200-400 Infill: 0-5% Notes: The drawers should fit inside the modules as is. It doesn't hurt to scale the modules to 101% and drawers remain at 100% (or drawers to 99% and modules 100%) Print speed can be increased Lower resolutions will print faster but may affect fit between slots and rails. If you have a problem with fit at lower res please tell me and I will upload a low res high speed module I recommend printing with 5% infill

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