Destiny 2 Sun shot

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ITS HERE Destiny 2 is finally out! And with that comes this awesomeness. i have been working on the Sunshot for the last month trying to get it finished for you guys sadly im a few days past the release of destiny 2 but it is finally finished hehe :)

hope you guys like the model :)

V2 update!!!!  hi there do to people having some issues slicing the model using slic3r and Simplify3D i have updated the entire model to fix most of the issues, the errors where being caused by extreme use of boolean functions that created odd faces and geometry, for Simplify3D users the model works perfectly but for slic3r users i sadly could not fix all the errors and so the model is not compatible slic3r. i am terribly sorry for the inconvenience

if you like this awesomeness and want to support the creation of more awesomeness check out my Patreon :P

if you want to see what im working on next have a look here :P

magazine loosness

the revolver pin is intentionally loose so the model can work correctly if it is to loose open the magazine and add a tiny bit of super glue to the top of the revolver pin (see red ring for location in the photos) let the glue completely dry!!! then test if it closes if not? repeat till it works :)

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handle right v3.stl
609 KB
handle left v3.stl
607 KB
under plate V2.stl
102 KB
bottom main frame part 1 V2.stl
109 KB
bottom main frame part 2 V2.stl
121 KB
bottom plate part 1 V2.stl
251 KB
bottom plate part 2 V2.stl
216 KB
frame back part V2.stl
54.8 KB
left plate bottom V2.stl
3.4 KB
left plate top V2.stl
60.8 KB
left side vent V2.stl
287 KB
mag part 1 V2.stl
1.41 MB
mag part 2 V2.stl
1.15 MB
revolver pin part 1 V2.stl
18.4 KB
revolver pin part 2 V2.stl
6.14 KB
right plate bottom V2.stl
4.96 KB
right plate top V2.stl
60.8 KB
right side vent V2.stl
287 KB
top main frame part 1 V2.stl
109 KB
top main frame part 2 V2.stl
97.9 KB
top plate part 1 V2.stl
36.1 KB
top plate part 2 V2.stl
45 KB
trigger V2.stl
17.7 KB


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