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Being a student at MSU, this has to be one of my favorite prints so far! The dimensions are 115mm x  89mm x 30mm. I'll confess to making a mistake. Look at the image shown above. In the bottom left where the S ends, I messed up and made that end 7mm shorter than the top, where the S ends. I fixed this issue in the .stl file I provided! So no need to fix anything! Just download, print, and enjoy!

I'm new to 3D printing, so my settings may not be optimal (please give me tips!), but my basic settings are as follows:

Layer height: .1mm

Print speed: 40mm/s

Printing temperature: 195  C

Bed temperature: 60 C

Platform adhesion type: Raft w/ .22mm air gap

Retraction speed: 50 mm/s

Retraction distance: 4.5mm

Initial layer thickness: .3mm

Travel speed: 70mm/s

Bottom layer speed: 15 mm/s

Infill speed: 70 mm/s

Top/bottom speed: 30 mm/s

*All other speeds are the same as the print speed*

These settings seem pretty obvious to me, but being new to the 3D printing hobby I want to assist other new member with printing successfully!

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