Summary Type 'c' is most recommended to make, if you decide that you need ) At present, most of the machine lubricant is packed in a tube. It is assumed that it is used in a special lubricating gun. I do not have this. Therefore, for convenient use, I developed this piston. 'a' and 'b' - you may to сheck it out how your printer do bridges. The bottom of the piston is thickened and not homogeneous. I printed it without supports. The thickness of the bottom is 3 layers, the thickness of the top is 5 layers. Nozzle 0.4, layer 0.2, extrusion width 0.42, infill 100%, no supports. version b is little bit faster to make: Nozzle 0.4, layer 0.35, extrusion width 0.52, infill 100%, no supports. Materials Needed ABS

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