Vizio Surround Speaker Mount for 3M Command Velcro Strips

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Summary I try to use the 3M command strips whenever possible to avoid having to patch my recently painted walls. I created this adapter mount using Ansys SpaceClaim Engineer and printed it on Formlabs Form 2 in their standard grey resin. Cost was $4.22 for the pair and took about 4 hours. I've included a variation that can be printed on FDM printers and a variation that will use the entire length of the 3m velcro strip. I cut one strip in half and placed it on the mount once it was attached to the speaker, then used a full length one on the wall so allow the height to be adjusted. Print Settings Printer Brand: Formlabs Printer: Formlabs Form 2 Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.1 Infill: Custom 3mm Walls

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