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Behold! Barf Pedelis, Shitlord of the Worst Hoarder. He steals weapon designs from alien races and puts his own name on them, selling them at a high profit. Fortunately, he has difficulty spelling his own name and believes Monopoly money to be an acceptable form of currency. 

Fortunately for the galaxy, his reign of terror ended when he attempted to dial a 900 number on his torso Lite-Brite and promptly suffocated as a result of the malfunction. 

This is a response to a model thief who still creates alts on Thingiverse to promote his own garbage website where he peddles half-hearted sculpts and outright copies of other peoples' work, at once insisting they're free while charging download fees as well as pushing his Patreon campaign. He also responded to a critique I gave of some rather subpar sculpting on a Darth Vader helmet by threatening to call the cops on me. 

He's insisted he wants "proff" of this, by which I assume he means proof (see what I said about his literacy levels?), so for the sake of anyone who may well have had their works appropriated, here is the link to the article demonstrating his use of other people's work: https://crystanubis.wordpress.... 

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