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My design for the Design Your Future Avatar Contest. I'd choose to be an astronaut with the ability to travel anywhere in the universe!

The original plan was to develop a full figure with removable helmet, but without a 3d printer of my own, I'm unable to test and perfect the design.  Hoping to get the chance to develop him further in the future.  I've included a few images of the full figure design in it's early form.


Print Info:

The model is meant to be printed via SLA or DLP due to it's high detail. I commissioned a 1/8 scale print of him to test his printability.  Keep in mind that the larger the print, the more resin that will be required. In that case, you would need to edit the model by hollowing it out where necessary and strategically adding vent holes for the resin.

Here are the Form 2 printer settings for a 1/8 scale (130 mm with base) solid print of the astronaut bust:

  • Printer Model: Form 2 
  • Material: White V3 (FLGPWH03) 
  • Layer Thickness: 0.05 mm 
  • Volume: 134.83 mL 
  • Layers: 1630 
  • Print Time: 12 h 41 min



  • Base = 43.8706 mm x 43.5379 mm x 82.9905 mm 
  • Torso = 77.1275 mm x 40.1268 mm x 57.4074 mm 
  • Arm = 26.3422 mm x 41.6625 mm x 49.8734 mm 
  • Hand = 17.0786 mm x 18.6489 mm x 18.6182 mm 
  • Head = 26.4476 mm x 26.9186 mm 33.9239 mm

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