Fly Boy! The downside to genetic experimentation. The engineered "child" and ward of Dr. Kunaki. In an attempt to replicate the Goldblum effect, Dr. Kunaki attempted to splice Musca Domestica and Homo Sapien DNA to create a super being. Although not considered a failure, Flyboy was not seen as success either. Having none of the desired super strength and flight capability desired by his creator, Flyboy was an utter disappointment. However, Flyboys did demonstrate a unique intellect and tenacity for life that captured the heart and mind of his creator and was able to stave of destruction like so many of his predecessors. They lived happily for a time, but as with all great geniuses, Dr. Kunaki was consumed by his work and soon tired of his Flyboy. Flyboy was shipped of to private school. Dr. Kunaki still visits him on occasion, holidays and creation days, they go out for "ice cream"

The model is designed to be printed on an SLA or DLP printer and is hollowed out to save on material. The model is broken up into into 2 parts, the head and the figure. 

For the best orientation on the print bed it was necessary to put 2 small vent holes on the head of the character, these will need to be patched. There are also vent holes in the heels of the character but these are used to accommodate the pegs for a base or other supports. Here is a basic tutorial I recored for patching holes in SLA 3d prints. (

98mm tall. The print shown was done on a Form 2. The model uses roughly 10ml of resin with a print time of around 10 hours at 25 µm.

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