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Character description:

The incarnation of the Maker in his virtual universe: The Maker reaches into the void to create from the depths of his person, bringing his thoughts and experiences from another plane of existence. Forming the building blocks of digital life one polygon at a time, the Maker imbues them with the spark from his own life. With perception beyond ordinary sight, he peers past what is, and imagines the endless possibilities within his virtual reality.



Created for the Pinshape Avatar Design Contest and the creative at heart. This interpretation of my avatar is my attempt at depicting  the creative process.  It's the feeling of pouring myself wholly into my work, imbuing every triangle with emotion. Reaching out and connecting with the digital work in a virtual space. I would love to see people take this model and swap the head and face out for their own! Please leave any questions or comments you may have for me below!


Tech Specs:

Printed without supports on an Ultimaker 2 on standard Cura settings. The small light was ordered from Amazon here.



-Uploaded "headVR_TheMaker_v2.stl" with a little extra support under the vr straps on side of head for improved printing.

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