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From the fantastic Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok, an RPG/adventure game hybrid from Crystal Shard.

This is one of the best AGS (Adventure Games Studio) games I've ever played, and their attention to Norse myth really won me over. If you played the old Sierra Hero's Quest games, I guarantee you'll love this. The game is 100% free, and a real labor of love for those who made it. You can get it on their site and on Steam, and if you liked it as much as I did, support them with a donation on PayPal.

This simple dice game is featured within Heroine's Quest and I pretty much immediately decided that I needed a physical version. There's no better way to weather the Fimbulwinter than to hole up with some mead and roll some dice for 3D printed gold. The rules are pretty simple, so here goes:

----THE RULES----

As near as I can tell, the game can support upwards of two players. Each player has 3 dice and a stack of coins (print a bunch if you're feeling wealthy). To start the game, all players place their arms on the table (in a manly, viking fashion) and roll the dice so they are obscured from the other players. Starting with the first player (decide who that is somehow... probably via feats of strength or pain resistance) each player takes a turn.

During a turn, you may bet a coin (placing it into a pile in the center of the table), bet two coins and and re-roll any selection of dice, or put two coins in and call (forcing all others to do so at that moment). Once you have chosen to call, the dice are revealed and the winner is decided.


The following combinations of rolls are ranked from best to worst. In the case of a tie, roll off with all of your dice until one, I mean player has won:

3 Ravens (Odinn)

3 Hammers (Thor)

3 Runes (Asgard)

1 of each (Midgard)

From there, Ravens are worth more than Hammers, which are worth more than Runes, which are worth more than Blanks. You get the picture. The winner takes the pot and is congratulated for being the brawniest or something, and, should coins remain, the game continues.

The base dice are 20mm (which is huge, chunky, and good for jotun and/or trolls) though I've included 16mm and 12mm versions which should be better for our puny human hands.



I printed mine at 50% infill with a layer height of .2

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