Pencil Guard for Iskn Slate

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I recently purchased an ISKN Slate (2nd generation) in preparation for Inktober 2017. While the packaging for the various accessories is nice, it's not especially portable. At the same time, it's inconvenient to have to readjust the magnetic ring after having it in a back for some time.

The solution is a rubber boot that closes around the pencil and holds the ring in place. It also keeps the point of your pencil from getting dull or breaking off in transport.

This was printed on a M3D Micro using their Tough 3D Ink (code: TGB, color: Orange Heft). It was printed with thick, hollow walls (M3D's software doesn't get into specifics, but it's at a shell at least 1mm thick) and no infill. Overhangs are minimal, though some trimming of the upper part that encloses the ring may be required. The tiny pinhole in the bottom creates a support for the floor of the chamber. It is not meant to nest the pencil point.

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