7mm-08 - 5-Round Pocket Case


Designed for a friend for hunting. I was told that a .308 should fit it too. This is for keeping a spare set of rounds in your pocket.

The four parts all fit together like a puzzle. Should be easy to figure out.

Mine didn't require any glue, but, if you decide to use glue, I recommend Maximum Bond Krazy Glue. It's what I used for a different bullet case, and it worked great.

The clips may take some repeated opening and closing to loosen them up. Alternatively, you can sand it down till you like the feel of it.

I recommend printing at 100% infill for rigidity. 

For the Cap Top, I saved it in an orientation that does not require support, but I printed it on its side with support so that it wouldn't get any hard edges on the curved surface.

Design Files

File Size

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PI_7mm-08 REM Round.stl
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Cap Bottom.stl
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Cap Top.stl
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