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Some days ago I lost two buttons of my jacket in just two days...

When I recovered the buttons, thinking that I'll have to sew them again, I realized how beatiful and full of face curves the design of a button is. I'm fascinated about these objects. They are a simple and small piece of art that do his job so well.

So I discovered myself thinking about made my own button and, at the end, I did it. I was so glad about the job that I decided to put the text: "Proudly made by a Maker".

Why I did my own button?

Because I'm a Maker.

Because I can.

You have the 30 mm (diameter) version and a 26 mm version with and without text. You also have the original freecad file to make your own buttons.

Wear them with proud!

PD: You can also access to the magnet version made by Akirasan. Thanks for the re design^^!


You have to print the buttons in VERTICAL. This is very important due to the face curves of the button and the small text. If you print a button in horizontal the result will be probably a mess. Remember also to put supports. I highly recommend to use a 0,1 mm resolution.


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