Servo Pull-Pull System

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Servo Pull-Pull wheel will allow for a 1mm steel cable 'like a break cable from a bike, to transfer rotational or linear motion to a point of axis. Used widely in animatronic to allow small parts to be manipulated.  

Our PullPull systems have been modelled to fit most standard size Hitec analogue or digital servos. The HS-3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, 54xx, 56xx, and 59xx servos are verified to fit. Note that servos from other manufacturers are not guaranteed (nor likely) to fit if they do not fit the envelopes of non-standard sizes.

Please check your inferia servo dimensions before placing an order: :40.6x19.8x37.8mm(1.59x0.77x1.48in)

Design Files

File Size - PullPull 24mm - Casing v1.3 (15-06-2012).STL
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