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This is the droid you were looking for! C3PO, Human Cyborg Relations.

An 8,5 cm. tall articulated mining that needs no glue to assemble.

Here you have the assembly instructions sheet.

Have fun!

Design Files

File Size

Leg left.stl
13.5 MB
Leg right.stl
13.5 MB
Inset back.stl
2.04 MB
Inset front.stl
1.56 MB
950 KB
Body Back.stl
6.9 MB
Body front.stl
25.4 MB
Hand left.stl
1.02 MB
Hand right.stl
1.02 MB
Arm left.stl
6.41 MB
Arm right.stl
6.21 MB
50.1 MB


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