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Summary I call this the "livestronginator" because that's the most widespread example of those stretchy cause bracelet things. But the problem is, what if you have a cause (real or a joke) and you don't have a bracelet? Well, now you can make your own! (FYI This is based on my customizable o-ring generator, thing 225603. ) UPDATE: I just noticed that of the people who have made customizations, it seems that ALL CAPS works better. If not, the text seems to fall off the edge. Currently it has a few limitations: The height does not adjust right. Leave it set to 10mm. The molds don't work yet. Images do not work. (I'm not even sure this idea will ever really fly.) NOTE: Also I have not tried actually printing one yet. I don't see why it wouldn't work, but you never know, I guess...

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