Renamon Digimon

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The always ready for a fight Renamon! Dont forget to check out all our designs on Thanks for stopping by TAICED´s Shop!

Design Files

File Size

Renamon_SubTool1 Head.OBJ
5.49 MB
Renamon_SubTool2 Body.OBJ
5.48 MB
Renamon_SubTool3 RLeg.OBJ
5.49 MB
Renamon_SubTool4 LLeg.OBJ
5.5 MB
Renamon_SubTool5 ArmDetail1.OBJ
1.42 MB
Renamon_SubTool6 ArmDetail2.OBJ
1.42 MB
Renamon_SubTool7 LArm.OBJ
2.52 MB
Renamon_SubTool8 RArm.OBJ
2.53 MB
Renamon_SubTool9 Tail.OBJ
5.5 MB
Renamon_SubTool10 Base.OBJ
2.55 MB


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