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Summary This is Thing I created specifically to complement a javascript game meant to be played in a localized settings. It houses a standard Happ type arcade pushbutton ( and includes an RJ45 keystone mount. The idea being standard ethernet cable can be used to connect any number of other buttons to a base station housing an arduino or similar device to register and report the button presses to the software. Teachers with some basic electronics knowledge could piece something together for use in their classrooms by pairing these with a Makey Makey and any PC or Mac to run games or quizzes that would otherwise be too difficult to get a room full of students gathered around one keyboard. Print Settings Printer: qidi tech 1 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Infill: 20% Notes: I recommend using supports, which should just fill the hole for the keystone ensuring a tight snap. Tolerances were based on a 19.54mm x 14.65mm keystone jack with a 2mm gap to snap into. Since printer calibration and keystone measure will differ, prepare to do a little sanding here and there for a good solid fit.

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