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The other day I was wondering how my dog looks at the world so I came up with the DogeVision.

Check out the video:

  • It is a mounting platform for action cams that can be worn by a dog on its head.
  • The mounting bracket is a standard GoPro one, and I am also making available a Polaroid Cube Adapter for this mount.
  • Mi dog is a small breed (miniature Pinscher), you can check if it will fit yours by measuring the space between its ears, if it is 8-10 cm it will fit fine, if it is smaller of bigger you may need to upscale or downscale the model accordingly.
  • Print in halves and glue them together using superglue, you will need a 3/16 x 1" (4.75 x 25mm) screw and nut to hold the cam in place and some shoelaces or elastics to secure the mount on the dogs head.

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3D PRint Settings:

For PLA Supports: No Speed: 60 mm/s Extruder: 205°C Heatbed: 65°C Fans: 100%

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